About Us

"None of is as strong as all of us"
Aakruthi was started in 2008 with a simple objective. Help children in need of it. Initially our focus was on the Government run Schools in and around Bangalore. As part of this exercise few government schools were identified where teachers had more interest in utilizing Aakruthi's efforts. But very soon another event was to occur that changed the focus of our efforts.
In October 2009 North Karnataka had to bear the brunt of heavy rainfall that resulted in hitherto unknown levels of floods that washed away life and property of many people in as many as 9 districts. Raichur was one of the worst affected district which needed immediate attention. Aakruthi team visited the flooded villages in Manvi Taluk and did a survey of the schools that needed immediate attention and help. 23 Schools, which were devastated by floods were identified and as an immediate measure, 3200 students in those schools were provided with Stationary needs to get back to schools.
From 2009 onwards, Aakruthi has been concentrating on various villages in Raichur district. one point we have realized is that, floods or any disastrous situation need not be a reason to help those students. There are certainly many places (and children) in India that are probably much more economically backward than Raichur District, but we are not in a position to reach out to all of them. All we are trying to do is to help those who are in need and ensure that they are directly benefited.
We are on a journey that has just begun. We wholeheartedly accept anyone who would like to tread this path with us.